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Trinity Consultancy

At Trinity Consultancy, we are dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness and abundance. Connect with us today to embark on your path to a balanced and fulfilling life.

Personalised Consultancy

Akashik Reading

Explore personal insights, past experiences, future possibility, life path, life purpose through Akashic Records.

₹ 3100

Angel card reading

Seek guidance and intuitive messages through divine angelic beings.

₹ 1100

Business healing consultation

Harmonize business energies for success, growth & money flow.

₹ 1100

Brochure & Logo designing

Personalized design using energetic solutions for branding and marketing.

₹ 2100

Energy reading

Know and balance your energy for vitality and well-being.

₹ 1100


Align your office & home surroundings to optimize harmony, positive energy flow health and wealth.

₹ 5000

Muhurat Consultancy

Plan auspicious dates & times for important events and activities.

₹ 1100

Name Numerology

Discover the impact of names on personal and professional aspects with spelling corrections.

₹ 2100


Gain insights into life path, personality, and future through numbers.

₹ 1600

Semi Precious, Precious Gemstones & Crystals

Experience energy correction and growth with recommended gemstones and crystals.

₹ 1100

Signature & Handwriting Analysis

Understand personality traits and potential through signature analysis.

₹ 1100

Vastu Shastra

Enhance living and working spaces with Vastu principles for positive vibrations, health, wealth & life solutions.

₹ 11000

Vedic Astrology

Uncover astrological insights and predictions based on Vedic traditions.

₹ 2100

Counselling (Introductory Prices)

Life Coaching

Personalized coaching to achieve life goals and personal fulfillment.

₹ 1100


Professional guidance and support for personal and emotional well-being.

₹ 1100

Personalised Product Solutions & Recommendations

Attars & Perfumes

Experience the essence of natural fragrances for personal well-being.

₹ 1100

Ayurvedic Herbs

Embrace the holistic benefits of Ayurvedic herbs for wellness and balance.

₹ 1100

Capsule Color Wardrobe

Personalized color recommendations for a balanced and harmonious wardrobe selection.

₹ 1100

Essential Oil Blends

Customized essential oil blends for emotional and physical well-being.

₹ 1100

Lifestyle Products

Curated products to enhance and support a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

₹ 1100

Healing Solutions (Introductory Prices)

Angel Healing

Receive divine healing energies for spiritual and emotional well-being with angelic blessings.

₹ 600

Business Healing

Clear negative energy and obstacles for business prosperity and growth.

₹ 1100

Body Sculpting

Wellness solutions for a balanced and harmonious physical appearance & health.

₹ 1100

Bridal Crystal Energy Facials

Experience the rejuvenating and healing properties of crystal energy for bridal beauty & glow.

₹ 5100

Candle Therapy

Embrace the therapeutic benefits of candle healings to promote relaxation and healing.

₹ 1100

Crystal Healing

Harness the energies of crystals for holistic healing and balance.

₹ 1100

Event Healing

Harmonize energies for successful and smooth-flowing events and gatherings.

₹ 1100

Health Healing

Psychological, psychosomatic, physical health issues and challenges healings.

₹ 600

Relationship Healing per Pair

Experience Harmony in your relationship with your child, boss, in- laws, spouse, friend etc.

₹ 1100

Vedic Healing

Mantra Japa, Havans & Grah Shanti.

₹ 1100

Prosperity Healing

Enhance abundance and prosperity energies for positive growth and success materially.

₹ 1100

Consultation Services

Astrology, Numerology and Energetics solutions
through clothing and lifestyle products.

Our Team

Ms. Astha Sharma

(An Arhatic Yogi)

Professionally a Corporate Trainer & Manager with qualifications in LLB, DLL, and MBA. She has chosen to pursue her passion for spirituality, healing, and holistic well-being, excelling in today's multifaceted world. With expertise in Yog, Naturopathy, Pranic Healing, Access Consciousness, Angel Therapy, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Yog Siddhi Healing, Scalar Prana Healing, Candle Therapy, Angel Card Reading, as well as Space and Energy Vastu and Fengshui, she brings a unique blend of professional acumen and spiritual wisdom to every aspect of her work..

Mrs. Tushar Chaaran

(An Arhatic Yogi)

Dr. Tushar Chaaran, an academically accomplished individual with degrees, masters, and a Ph.D., boasts a 21-year career as an Astrologer and Vastu Consultant. Currently excelling as a Pranic Healer and Numerologist, her expertise in healing transcends every facet of life. Holding the esteemed position of Vice President at Sri Karni Jyotish Avam Vastu Shodh Sansthan adds to her illustrious profile.

Mrs. Neha Asthana Meena

(An Arhatic Yogi)

A Guyanese citizen with a degree in BASLP and MBA. She is passionate about fashion and holistic well- being, promoter. She is founder of and leads Aagaman Sutra and Aagaman Couture, blending spirituality with creative clothing lifestyle to inspire conscious living and holistic wellness. Also an active member of Astara, Rotary Club, Ficci Flo, and various other organizations, Neha is dedicated to alleviating human suffering and contributing effectively to society. She leverages her knowledge of Raja Yoga, Pranic Healing, Scalar Prana, and various other esoteric modalities to focus on spiritualized business techniques.