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About Us

Aagaman Sutra’s Brand Story

Aagaman Sutra was born from a desire to intertwine the spiritual and the sartorial, to create a brand that embraces the soul as much as it does style. We draw inspiration from the ancient wisdom of the East, where spirituality is intricately woven into daily life. This wisdom, combined with contemporary design, gives birth to products that transcend trends and speak to the eternal. Our Founder Neha's deep dive into Raja Yoga and Pranic Healing ignited the creation of Aagaman Sutra, a spiritually empowering fashion label. We have specialised in the art of infusing the power of pranic healing into our products. Just as pranic healing taps into the life force or prana to accelerate natural healing, our approach infuses this transformative energy into garments to promote holistic well-being. Every product at Aagaman Sutra is a testament to the power of conscious living.

About Our Founder

The visionary entrepreneur behind Aagaman Sutra is Mrs. Neha Asthana Meena. Neha has earned respect in Guyana and India for her entrepreneurial spirit. She brings leadership and direction to Guyana's finest Indian restaurant as a trustee. In Jaipur, India, Neha is a fashion pioneer known for her creative clothing brand. She has also been exploring spiritual and energy medicine practices like Raja Yoga and Pranic Healing, which have changed her values and way of life. Neha passionately curates a unique collection of clothes and lifestyle products at Aagaman Sutra based on these fundamental ideas. Her business and her devotion to Raja Yoga and Pranic Healing inspire others to follow their spiritual paths, embrace holistic well-being, and experience the transformational power of conscious life.